Benefits of a 120 Hour TEFL Certificate

The average armchair traveler is more than content exercising their imagination in front of the bay window, on a daybed basking in the afternoon sun, with their latest page-turner. Far away in a fantasy fiction or engulfed by a hot, steamy, romance addiction. Whilst this may be the the seasoned couch potato’s dream, for many of us, it’s not quite satisfying and far from a multi-sensory experience that the curious traveler wouldn’t be able to avoid if they tried.

Think armrests on planes, trains, and pedicab rickshaws as you traverse foreign places in a sea of unknown faces. Whether you’re imagining time off the grid in the Andes or a bit more comfortably situated in the urban sprawl of one of the Gulf countries, the benefits of having a TEFL certificate will surely come in handy.

Are you toiling away to make ends meet but you’ve had enough? Ça suffit. Have you been entertaining the idea of embracing a game changer that you won’t ever be able to take back? Consider no longer. Teaching is a challenging albeit rewarding endeavor. It’s a way to introduce the sum of the world to kiddos in those precious stages of development or a way to walk a more mature audience through complex ideas.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is a nifty way to travel and earn your income while on the road or back at home. If you’re American or Canadian, nine times out of ten you’ll need a teaching degree to break into the scholastic system. But if you’re in hitting up a far-flung place, having a TEFL certificate in your pocket will come in handy.

Don’t let your current lack of a TEFL certification thwart you from an incredible experience and beyond. Consider some of these benefits of having a TEFL certificate.

Speaking of benefits, another benefit of having a TEFL certificate is that international teaching jobs tend to pay a pretty penny for TEFL-certified teachers. Institutes and schools alike pay more because, well, you have some skills, and are therefore worth more to their students! Sure it will most likely cost you to afford the training course, but you’ll certainly have the opportunity to receive a nice return on that personal investment.

Even though you’ve most likely spent a solid decade if not two in school, teaching isn’t so obvious. It’s not as easy as it looks. Teaching takes intelligence, tactics, and intuition. It calls for a hefty amount of planning and organization, too.

Another benefit of having a TEFL certificate is that you will be more prepared to take on a classroom of students. You’ll have plenty of tools and tricks up your sleeves to help you deliver lessons or lectures with success.

Common misconception: teaching English abroad is always with youngsters who have never studies English. False! While many positions are orientated towards children who are giving English their first-go, there are many opportunities teaching adolescents and adults that have intermediate and advanced levels. That being said, you should be prepared to take on any age and level of learner. Teaching advanced students tends to be a little more generous to your wallet, too.

Otherwise known as the practice and methods behind teaching, developing a proper pedagogy with the help of your TEFL course will help you not only seem, but actually become a pro. Teaching is more than the sharing of knowledge. It’s the act of being receptive to the many styles of learners that you’ll eventually have in front of you. To adapt your methods of transmission to leave no child behind!

Having a TEFL certification can help you secure a teaching position, in China, for example. Well, that Chinese agency which will hire you will also help you obtain a working visa. They can provide the necessary administrative paperwork that you might not yet understand that you’ll need. It’s crucial. Ain’t got no visa, won’t be earning money for that pizza. Another benefit of having a TEFL certificate, you’ll be able to legally earn that dough.

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